#1 Anna Loga is a human being.

I have a body with limbs and muscles all of which are part the communication tools I posses. These words are just a small part of my language. My body speaks too; with gesture and sense of embodiment I can add more layers of information and meaning to what has been said or written, or to what is understood.

I still live a life outside digital media and my organism needs more than information to survive. I need to eat, sleep, and move about. My body is not just a container of information stationed in a physical world waiting for someone to retrieve that information. Biological mechanisms such as my hormone levels have real time effect on what sort of information I produce and choose to present in my digital presence. As well as my body remembers past experience.

As a human being with a physical body I first and foremost exist in a physical world. I am more than these letters and the pictures I upload.

#2 Anna Loga is the reflection of other human beings.

I identify myself with you. Or not. But because of you I have a sense of me. Without you I would be without identity. I see myself through your eyes. When we are face-to-face I can feel connected and it gives me a sense of belonging. Or on the other hand I might feel confronted and that makes me think. Online I cannot see touch you or look you in the eye.

#3 Anna Loga is a storyteller.

Stories make coherence between the past, the present, and the future. In digital media everything is now. Digital media presents an eternal now without a past or a future; without a beginning or an end. Your timeline is not narrative, it is only additive. With no before or after, you lose contact with your experience and your expectations.

Lived experience will disappear and what remain are the stories we tell. The story I tell about my self is how I build a coherent narrative of my being and how I present my self to the world. Without it I lose sense of me and become fragments and lose ability to act. Without a narrative I cannot build an identity to identify with you.

In a digital, fragmented and complex world with no representatives I present my stories and they become atomised and static moments instead of coherent, narrative memories, and hopes. Anna Loga will be the representation of the coherent narrative; the storyteller.

#4 Anna Loga is both positive and negative

A like does not make me think. It gives me more of the same. Information is only external and it needs the internal thinking, to become knowledge.

All positives have a negative. A sunbeam also cast a shadow.

In a digital and positive-only-world we lose sense of the real, with what exists IRL. And in that way we lose our ability to understand the negative.

#5 Anna Loga will not be counting.

By counting my steps, I will know how far I have walked. A mere fact without narrative or any context. If I pass that information on to you it will not tell you anything. For that information to become knowledge and meaning it needs context, thinking, and narrative. It must be about every single step.

When I count my being or my doings, I put myself under the control of data. It requires me to walk longer to compete with other users of the service, sleep more to adjust my blood pressure, or like more. To do instead of be. It makes me a human doing of fragmented data instead of a human being with a coherent narrative.

When everything becomes external and transparent I loose the inner sense of me. My intuition, common sense, and self-awareness are replaced with digitally stored data outside of me on a device controlled by something or someone I cannot see or influence. It makes it impossible to act as a citizen.


#6 Anna Loga is a citizen in a connected world.

I am not a prosumer or someone’s free digital labourer. I am a citizen in a connected world and I have rights and duties as a citizen. My data should be mine and I have an obligation to be informed and turn that information into knowledge for me to participate actively in the conversation of society.

But in the digital world where everyone can present themselves and their opinions, the politics and market become the same, and we become passive consumers of information, politics, and commodities. In that way we slowly loose the sense of responsibility for the community. Citizens feel that. Only citizens.

#7 Anna Loga will be a space for sharing between people to create civic engagement.

We are told to share our stories, to share content, houses, cars, everything in our possession as a matter of fact. But we are not really sharing are we? When I share a story on social media it becomes a commodity. When I let a couple on holiday stay in my flat, I’m not really sharing my house. I rent it out. -And the web service accommodating it, gets a good commission doing so.

Sharing is a social act that is a part of what constitutes community and is connected with trust, promise and responsibility for the common in society. With online access to an abundance of information and commodities these social traits are no longer needed and thus fades community.

In it’s place transparency and control will be the core of society. There is no Big Brother, but the much more effective Big Data. Everyone watches everyone and everything we do will leave a trace, which is easily retrieved, used or bought.

#8 Anna Loga believes that community means more than networks.

In a digital world where every person can present their stand, their identity, their stories, we no longer need anyone to represent us. Journalists and politicians become barriers and artists become obsolete in a world where we can find any information on our own. We all become fragmented and faceless individuals isolated behind our screens with no communal voice and no ability to act together as one to make change. In a faceless world we lose respect, towards each other and in our communication. Digital media is affective; with no thinking or patience for the long haul.

Digital swarms cannot change anything. People standing together can.

#9 Anna Loga is the manifestation.

At some point all technology becomes a mundane and invisible part of our daily lives. We do not think about it anymore. It is to us as water to fish.

But did you have any eye contact today? How many hours did you spend yesterday working on your computer, being online from your phone, with your headphones plugged in, in front of the TV? Did you read the terms of service? Or do you know how many so-called third parties are watching you right now?  Do you feel you have any real say in how society is developing despite your possibility of speaking out online?

Anna Loga is the manifestation of the less visible mechanisms of digital life.

#10 Anna Loga is you too.

By representing one another, standing together and sharing directly we can create community and make it possible to act together against structures that needs replacement.

Let us #annaloga it together.